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Detox your cosmetics
July 26, 2012.  Source: Michelle Schoffro Cook. Care2

Scientists identify key questions regarding cosmetics and chemicals
June 6, 2012.  Source: Andrew McDougall.  Cosmetics Design USA

International regulations are changing Amercian supply chains
May 10, 2012.  Source: Green Tech.  Forbes

Paraben free cosmetic formulations gaining popularity
May 3, 2012.  Source: Organic Monitor.  CSR Wire

How chemicals affect us
May 2, 2012.  Source: Nicholas. D. Kristof.  The New York Times

Protest animal testing by buying elsewhere
April 30, 2012.  Source: Stacey Oparnica.  The Daily Aztec

About Face: Burden of keeping cosmetics safe left up to manufacturers
April 29, 2012.  Source: Robin Erb Medical Writer.  Detroit Free Press

Animal testing: The ugly secret of the beauty industry
April 27, 2012.  Source: Mark Jones.  Lifestyle UK

Are shampoo chemicals killing your hair?
April 24, 2012.  Source: Alice Hart-Davis. IOL Lifestyle

'Ecoholic Body' a source on everything that comes into contact with our bodies
April 20, 2012.  Source: Lois Abraham.  The Canadian Press

Cosmetic companies in cruelty cover-up
April 16, 2012.  Source: Kristie Sullivan.  Syndey Morning Herald

Chemicals in cosmetics linked to diabetes, Swedish study says
April 13, 2012.  Source: NewsCore.  Hearld Sun

Middle East natural cosmetics market enjoys 20% growth
April 12, 2012.  Source: OpenPR

Green is the new black
April 12, 2012.  Source: Cosmetics Design USA

The greening of the cosmetic & personal care industry gathers pace
April 12, 2012.  Source: World Press Online

Calif. finds toxins in 'non-toxic' nail polishes
April 10, 2012.  Source: Jason Dearen.  Sacramento Bee

Natural & Organic Show sees growth, despite economic challenges
April 6, 2012.  Source: Michelle Yeomans.  Cosmetics Design Europe

Avoid chemcials in your daily life by going back to the basics
April 6, 2012.  Source: Amanda Harper.  Medical Xpress.

Inquiry into cosmetic products urged
April 5, 2012.  Source: Hannah L. Torregoza.  Manila Bulletin

Avoid toxic chemicals and animal ingredients:  A guide to going green with your skin
April 5, 2012.  Source: Kelsey McClelland.  OneGreenPlanet

The highs and lows of living life organic
April 5, 2012.  Source: Cheng Yingqi.  China Daily

Cosmetics grab the limelight for Natural and Organic Awards 2012
April 4, 2012.  Source: Simon Pitman.  Cosmetics Design Europe

Baby care sector to reach new heights by 2017
April 3, 2012.  Source: Michelle Yeomans.  Cosmetics Design USA

Is that natural product really natural?
April 3, 2012.  Source: Jen Weigel.  Miami Herald

40 women with breast cancer, had this "cosmetic ingredient" in their tissue
April 2, 2012.  Source: Dr Mercola.  Mercola.

Cosmetics escape laws on organic labelling
March 31, 2012.  Source: Alexandra Smith. WA Today

Be a natural beauty, inside and out
March 30, 2012.  Source: Gulf News.  Friday Magazine

Industry influence dominates historic hearing on toxic cosmetics
March 28, 2012.  Source: Market Watch

Presence of lead, other chemicals in cosmetics poses concerns
March 27, 2012.  Source: Barbara Bradley.  Commercial Appeal

Supermodel uses natural products to keep skin fresh, flawless and camera ready
March 27, 2012.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Doctors urged to talk more with pregnant women about harmful toxins
March 22, 2012.  Source: Ceridwen.  Babble

New boom in cosmetics for babies
March 21, 2012.  Source: The Daily Telegraph

Ban on animal testing a key topic of debate on in-cosmetics educational programme
March 21, 2012.  Source: Andrew McDougall.  Cosmetics Design Europe

Author shares the dangers of lipsticks, face creams, and brazilian blowouts
March 20, 2012.  Source: Shandra Martinez.  MLive

Skin care items spotted at the Natural Products Expo
March 17, 2012.  Source: Shari Roan.  Los Angeles Times

Dr Mathison: Natural does not equal organic
March 14, 2012.  Source: Dr Susan Mathison.  Inforum

Going to extreme lengths to purge household toxins
March 14, 2012.  Source: The New York Times

Organic cosmetics use on the rise, expert claims
March 13, 2012.  Source: Claire Thomson.  My Pure

Toxic taint drives cosmetic change
March 20, 2012.  Source: Sandy Smith, Sydney Morning Herald

New study finds major toxins in many cosmetics
June 4, 2011.  Source: Dr Mercola, Mercola